“The one decision that could COST YOU EVERYTHING!”

This article is not the typical “Attitude-Game Plan-Time” article!  It is about a serious issue the will keep you from “Getting Better!” In fact, it is guaranteed make you worse off and can cost you everything.

I have some great clients who really care about their clients and the general good of society.  One of those clients is Jeffrey Green who wrote this article about a serious issue.

I hope you read it from start to end and take it very seriously.

The One Decision that could COST you “EVERYTHING!”


With Summer time parties and festivals approaching fast, I am hoping all my client & friends take a moment to read this entire article.  I am not writing this as an insurance agent, I am writing as a person who cares for everyone who will reads this.

Did you ever have a couple of adult beverages, you know you feel those beverages, and yet you wonder if you should “chance-it” and drive home?  You actually hear yourself saying to yourself, “I will drive more carefully and slowly than normal.”

It is my sincere hope that this article will help you make the right decision for you, your financial future and your family.

Before we discuss the financial consequences of driving while impaired, consider these two statistics.

One person in the US is injured in an intoxicated driving incident every 90 seconds. And since World War II, far more Americans have died because of intoxicated drivers than on the battlefields of all subsequent US wars and military conflicts COMBINED!

There is no doubt that because of these statistics, in recent years the penalties and costs to those arrested and convicted of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) have risen sharply.  Some of the costs involved may very well include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Posting Bail (which may be returned minus some fees)
  2. Towing & Impound Fees (generally a few hundred dollars)
  3. DUI / DWI Fines (which may range from hundreds to thousands of dollars)
  4. Attorney Fees (which may range from hundreds to thousands of dollars)
  5. Additional Court Costs (for 1 Criminal Trial & 1 License Suspension Hearing)
  6. Additional DUI / DWI Drug and Alcohol Screening Fees (varies)
  7. Required Classes & Counseling Fees (hundreds of dollars)
  8. Ignition Interlock Installation (typically $100 to $200)
  9. Interlock Rental, Maintenance & Calibration Costs (hundreds of dollars or more)
  10. License Restoration Fee (typically $500, plus other associated costs)
  11. Insurance Premium increases for 5 years (hundreds to thousands of dollars)

The above fees always occur when you are stopped and charged with DWI. On average, the costs involved with a single DUI or DWI conviction will typically range between $12,000 to $20,000.

But, it could be worse, consider what happens if instead of just being stopped, you get into an accident, found to be at fault and convicted of driving under the influence.

Now, you face these potential additional costs:

  1. Your auto Insurance deductible to fix your car
  2. Health insurance deductibles for your medical costs
  3. The costs of being sued by the victims you hit in the accident
  4. Jail time for driving under the influence, breaking traffic laws and causing an accident
  5. The cost above your insurance coverage if you lose being sued by the victims of the accident you caused (and you are certain to lose)

There is no way to calculate just how much you can lose if you chose to drive while under the influence.  Actually, there is a way to calculate how much you can lose; you can lose:

  1. Your income
  2. Your life savings
  3. Your health (You could get hurt)
  4. Whoever is in the car with you
  5. Your freedom
  6. Your lifestyle
  7. Your LIFE

In other words, you can literally lose EVERYTHING!

And none of those take into account the indirect costs which may include losing your job (if you drive for a living), paying for alternate transportation while your license is revoked, and the time to attend court hearings, counseling sessions, etc.

Finally, if you get through all of that, you still have the consequences of having a DUI / DWI on your public record. You may have to live the rest of your life knowing you killed or seriously injured someone; perhaps someone you love dearly who was a passenger in your car.

So, the next time you find yourself leaving a social gathering after having a couple of adult beverages, feeling the effects of those beverages, and you are wondering if you should “chance-it” and drive home?  When you hear yourself saying to yourself, “I will drive more carefully and slowly than normal” remember the choice is this simple…

You can “chance-it” and risk everything or you can pay the maximum cost of a taxi home and a taxi the next day to pick up your car.

The reality is, in most cases someone at the social gathering will give you a ride home or someone at home will pick you up, bring you home and take you back the next day to get your car.

I am Jeffrey Green and because I take my role as your protection agent seriously, I hope this article comes to mind at the right time and saves you a lot of grief.If you seek an insurance agent that want to protect you from risk and not just sell you insurance, please reach out to Jeff Green.

And I am Mark Dulaney and because take my role as your “Result Strategist” I had to share this article with you because no one can help you “Get Better” while you are dealing with the consequences of making the wrong decisions in this area of your life.

I hope this article:

  1. Changes your “Attitude” towards the question, should I “Chance it” because if you have to ask, you are chancing it
  2. Cause you to create a “Game Plan” when you go out and know you are going to have adult beverages
  3. Make the right decision at the “Moment of Truth” when you are talking yourself into making a decision that could cost you everything.


Please tell me what you think about this article.


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