Why “The Getting Better Strategy”

Do you appreciate honesty about the real struggles of life?  I hope this story of my struggle and how I fixed it helps you get through yours; ENJOY!

Picture it; Mother’s Day, 2015 and I wake up at my mother’s house, not because I loved her, but because my wife kicked me out because my business absolutely sucked and I was a drain on her finances, energy, and life.

To make matters worse, I was the author of six published books on success and I had conducted a 30-year study of the world’s most successful people.

Like so many who will read this post, I knew what I wanted, I knew how to get it and I was fully capable of doing what it took to get what I wanted.  But, I wasn’t doing it.  Can you relate?

But, waking up 54 years old, at your mother’s house, with no money and no income is very humbling.  I had some very candid conversations with myself.  I remember thinking, I may be the worst business owner in the history of mankind.

That was the moment I realized I was “That Guy!”  You know that person who knows everything; but does nothing!  Yep, that was me!

That morning I woke up homeless, broke and broken.  That’s when I realized I needed to stop learning and I needed to “Get Better!”  I prayed to God with a capital G; “I know I’m bad, but I can’t be this bad, help me to “Get Better” and I will do my part!”

The next day, a Monday, I stopped studying, analyzing, and figuring things out and I got off my butt, and I focused on “Getting Better!”  I got better at:

-Talking to people

-Presenting my value

-Asking for what I wanted

-Coaching and training others

-Developing products

-Helping my clients “Get Better” so their performance, results and lives “Got Better”

The better I got in each of those areas, the more income I generated


What does it mean to “Get Better?”

For every success, there is a way you must think, make decisions, walk, talk and act to create that success. There is also a level of quality and quantity that must be met.  If you do not have the success you want, it means you are not thinking, making decisions, walking, talking and acting with the right level of quality and quantity.  The fact is, until you do, you will never be successful!

Until Mother’s Day of 2015, I sought to find solutions outside of myself.  I thought I could study and learn my way to success, when I needed to change and focus on all that was wrong with me!

Think about what it means to “Get Better” for a moment by asking yourself this question; “What good is a new strategy, if you are incapable of executing the strategies you already know?”

Thus, to “Get Better” is to improve yourself so that you think, make decisions, walk, talk and act in the proper quantity and with the right quality until you get what you want or prove that a strategy doesn’t work.

All I ever did was learn something, try it a couple of times, and then seek another strategy.  So, if I learned how to raise my prices, one of three things would happen:

-I never ever tried it, not even once, because I justified why it wouldn’t work for me

-I would go out and start to do it and when it was time to ask for the money, I wimped out; but always with justification

-I would ask for what I wanted, but if I got a “No,” I never tried it again.

Have you ever done these things?  When you do, doesn’t it make you feel TERRIBLE?

So, on Mother’s Day, I decided to “Get Better!”  Then, in June my performance “Got Better” and in July my results as measured by income “Got Better!”

Then, in August, I learned a strategy to raise my prices from $150 to $3,500 and because I was better I boldly and consistently executed this new strategy.  The first person I asked said “no” but the second, fourth eighth and many more said “Yes!”

Thus, to “Get Better” means you improve yourself so you boldly and consistently execute the strategies you already know; then you can execute the new and better strategies you learn.

Compare the benefits and results of “Getting Better” with simple motivation or learning yet another strategy.

This is an undeniable fact, when you “Get Better” your performance, results and life “Gets Better” and isn’t that why you work so hard?!

Through this blog, my website, mastermind events, workshops, coaching and large events, I help individuals and teams “Get Better” so their performance, results and life “Gets Better!”


Thin about the way you think, make decisions, walk, talk and act and the quality and quantity of the way you do those things.  Now answer this simple question; can you ever create the clients, business, income or lifestyle you want by what you consistently do.  If yes, keep doing it.  If not, YOU MUST “GET BETTER!”

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Mark Dulaney

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