It is the ultimate competitive advantage!

The ability to Convert

Better and Faster than Your Competition!

How Can We Help You?

We will help you Create the strategies, Develop the Skills and Enhance your Ability to walk into any room and Convert the Right Strangers inTo Profitable Clients faster and better than your competition!

Through these strategies, skills and abilities, we will help you improve your personal performance in less than 30 days, your income 18 days later and this will become the foundation and infrastructure upon which you build the business you truly want to own, a business you will someday sell for millions.

Who We Work Best With?

While we work with everyone who sells and markets to generate income, the mental state of the people we work best with is what we call decisive committed implementers.  These are people who decide, commit and act on their decision.

we work best with the business owner, a professional service provider who wants to grow her or his practice, leaders of sales organizations, and a committed network marketer who really believes and acts as if he or she is in a million-dollar opportunity and wants to capitalize on it.

So far in 2018 alone, we have or are helping an OB/GYN medical practice, insurance agent, a real estate investment service, an attorney, a travel agent, a financial planner, a software developer, and two marketers of promotional materials.

How We Do It?

we provide 4 specific strategies that give you the Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Technical Capabilities to walk into a room, determine who to spend time with, know when to move on, get their attention, create interest, get an appointment and at the appointment get a profitable client.

Why We Believe We Can Help You?

we have a 90% success rate at helping my clients increase their income.

Two examples from 2017, we helped a start-up multiply his invoicing by 10 in 5 months from $1,500 to $15,000 / month and we helped an established company add an estimated $1,000,000 in sales from a specific product.

Why Us?

we developed a comprehensive marketing system that has one purpose, to help you converts Strangers inTo Profitable Clients better and faster than your competition.  Unlike all other marketing companies, we also created the science of capability training to help you BECOME THE PERSON who Boldly, Consistently and Effectively executes what you learned from us and all the other skills and strategies you learned previously.

This means that not only will you know how to walk into rooms full of strangers and Converts them inTo Profitable Clients better and faster than your competition will ever be able to do it; but you wake up every day and you go out and do it.  With an emphasis on the doing it part!

The true impact of your ability to convert Strangers inTo Profitable Clients?

When you can convert Strangers inTo Profitable Clients in person, you can do it on line, through social media, in email, through a webinar, on the phone and in all forms of advertising.

What’s should scare the Hell out of you is that if you don’t know how to do it in person, you must spend lots of time and money figuring out how to do through other forms of marketing.  What is even scarier is that there are many consultants who will sell you solutions without a 50 / 50 expectation of results.

Can We Help You?

we don’t know, are you willing to invest 15 minutes to talk about how the ability to convert Strangers into Profitable Clients batter and faster than your competition will impact your clients, income, business and life?

What’s Next?

Let's Talk, click this link to schedule a 15-minute telephone call.  After that, we will both know if further talks are necessary!

Here is my promise to you:

Once you decide to “Convert Strangers inTo Clients” you are going to be amazed at just how much you are capable of accomplishing and you are going to wonder why you didn’t decide to do this sooner!

Mark Dulaney