Cellino and Barnes vs. William Matter

Let me start with, they play wayyyyyyyy too many commercials on radio and television.  One group of commercials I hate are the commercials for personal injury attorneys.

The only benefit I hope to ever get from those ads is this post where I compare the marketing messages of Cellino and Barnes and William Matter so you better understand a great ad campaign from a self-centered not as great campaign.

William matter’s ads are primarily all about him.  His primary ad is all about his “focus” on car injury liability, its all he does.  As bad as that one is, the one where he says; “I want to go out and adopt a pet” is a total waist of 90% of what that ad costs.  Believe it or not, his ad about “focus” just started as I type these words.  He also did an ad where he actually claimed what a nice guy he was and that he was a part of the community, just like you and me.

Suggesting you go out and adopt a pet and claiming you are just like me, is his trying to humanize himself or make himself seem like a nice guy.  But, in no way does that make me want to hire him.

On the other hand, there is a brilliant campaign by Cellino and Barnes which clearly expresses how I can benefit if I hire them.  Picture it; a woman stands in front of the camera and says “Cellino and Barnes got me $525,000; 7 times what insurance offered.”

This ad says, without Cellino and Barnes I would have gotten $75,000, but with them I got $525,000.  Even if you care deeply about abandoned pets and believe Matter is nicer than Cellino and Barnes, you will get over it to get 7 times more!

Here is the lesson, you can literally talk all day about you, your focus and how much you care about community issues or you can talk for only 30 seconds about how I will benefit from hiring you and I and 90% of the population will hire you for the specifically stated desirable benefit.

How do you spend your marketing time and money, telling the world about you or explaining how the world will be better after it hires you?  If you focus on you instead of the person who will buy from you, you are missing opportunities to get attention and close deals.


Listen to your marketing or sales presentation and see what are you focusing on:

You and all of your wonderful experience, expertise, and excitement

The results that will occur, how much better my life will be, and how my biggest problem will disappear if I hire you

Then leave a comment with your honest answer!

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