Step Four of

Make Possible What is NOW Impossible?

Every business is started, founded or purchased with the goal of being great, but they are not capable of becoming great.  So, they gradually developed a capability, they expanded that capability, as they continue to expand that capability, they start to develop other new and more powerful capabilities and then one-day they are Google or Amazon or Apple; yet they still continue to expand their capabilities even today.

That is why step four is to …

Compound Expansion

Eight Steps to Significant Growth Every 90 Days until you become unrecognizable to others and even yourself!

In step four you will learn how to take a capability leap every 90 days with the goal of you becoming practically unrecognizable to the people who know you.  As an example, six months ago I couldn’t offer this program as I didn’t have the platform, knowledge or confidence to offer somethings this significant.  But mostly, I didn’t have the power and belief to commit to reach enough people to make this work.

We all started our businesses and sales careers to do something special. The problem was, when we started, we really weren’t that special.  Most of us stay there until we run out of money and go and get a real job.

But, there are those who do become special and they create extraordinary results.  They do it by compounding small expansions or capability every 90 days.  By doing this, they become capable of doing 10 and 100 times what they were capable of when they began.

You have read my story of “Compound Expansion” and using these four steps to become much more than I was 6 months ago and infinitely better than I was 6 years ago.

I have expanded to the point where my focus is to expand beyond Rochester and beyond what I can do myself.  I am using technology, systems and people to do more than I could ever do before.

That means that what you see of me and my company today will be unrecognizable in 2019.  I want to be able to say the same thing about you, I want you and your income and business to be unrecognizable to your family, friends and clients.

In step four you will learn how to systematically take one to four giant steps towards creating the business, income and life you started your business to create every 90 days.  Then you will learn to string together this growth so you will do what is impossible for you to do today.  When that happens, not only will others not recognize you, but you may not recognize yourself either.

Those are the four steps to doing what is now impossible!

Here is my promise to you:

If you fully participate in all six steps, in 36 to 48 weeks, you, your income, your business and your life will be unrecognizable to you, your clients, your family and your marketplace.

If you continue to follow the processes you learn, in 3 years you will create the income, business, life and lifestyle that you started your business to create.

Mark Dulaney