Step Three of

Make Possible What is NOW Impossible?

What if I told you that most strategies don’t work for the masses of people who learn them.  That’s not just true of sales, marketing and business, it’s also true with diet & exercise, investing, relationships and even religion.

That is why step three is to understand the power of and the differences between strategies and capabilities.

That is why step three is to help you understand…

Capabilitieis Vs. Strategies

Why Almost All Strategies FAIL for Almost Everyone

How many times have you sat in a great workshop, read a good book or watched something on the Internet and thought to yourself this is amazing, this is going to help me grow my business to the next level and I am going to kill it with this?

Now, how many times did you never use what you learned, not even once?

I have been studying this for over 33 years and I can tell you that half of all people who learn a new strategy, a new skill or a new method of doing things never do what they learn not even once. I can also tell you that of the half that do what they learn, within two weeks 50% of them are back to doing what they did before. Finally, I can tell you that of the 25% who are who do it beyond 2 weeks, 80% of them gradually drift back to what they've always done within 30 to 60 days.

The problem with strategies isn't the strategies, it's getting ourselves to boldly, consistently and effectively execute those strategies. Think about all the phenomenal material available to us today; seriously think about it? If it was as simple as learning a new strategy we'd all be rich, slim and in love! But the reality is most of us are broke, fat and / or alone!

So, I want you to think about when you learned to ride a bike or teaching your children to ride a bike. You can't teach them to ride a bike in a classroom, workshop or your living room. They simply must go out and do it. Riding a bike is a combination of desire, physical ability and the practice until the person can do it. There is no amount of coaching, encouragement or help that can get someone to ride a bike until they figure it out on their own. I called that a capability!

A strategy is a method or a process of doing something while a capability is the demonstrated ability to do something. Today trainers, speakers and authors make a fortune teaching you and I strategies that will make us successful, then leaving us on our own to figure out “the how!”

The reality is, what we really need to do is develop the capability within ourselves and our organization to demonstrate we can accomplish something significant.

In steps one and 2 you learned how to meet strangers, get appointments and convert them into profitable clients in one meeting.  Those are effective strategies to accomplish those two results; but in step three you are going to develop the capability to go out and do it.

That's why in step 3 you will learn:

  1. The four reasons strategies, skills and motivation statistically fails every time they are tried
  2. The eight capabilities used todays fastest growing and largest companies
  3. How to acquire each capability within you and your organization
  4. How Google, Facebook, Amazon, Nike, Apple and others use these eight capabilities to crush their competition
  5. Specific examples of how Yahoo, My Space, Walmart, Adidas and Microsoft, despite great strategies, market share, being first and spending tons of money; ultimately lost the battle to companies with these eight capabilities.

Think of step three this way.  I know people who attend every free and low-cost workshop they can hoping to learn how to improve their business.  I’m suggesting that the problem isn’t what you know how to do, it is what you are capable of doing.

Ultimately, everyone can learn how to do something, but what creates results, growth and success is your ability to do something and that is why step three is so important.

Sales, marketing and business are just like riding a bike, brain surgery, computer programming and football, while literally everyone can learn how to do them; very few people can actually do them well (except for bike riding).

I’m asking you, isn’t it time you become capable of more success instead of just learning strategies other people claimed they used to create success in the past?


In step one we learned how to get appointments.

In step two we learned how to convert those appointments into profitable clients.

In step three we learned how to transition from knowing how to create success to being capable of creating success.

Now it is time to compound our growth so we can become capable of doing what is now impossible for us to do.

Here is my promise to you:

If you fully participate in all six steps, in 36 to 48 weeks, you, your income, your business and your life will be unrecognizable to you, your clients, your family and your marketplace.

If you continue to follow the processes you learn, in 3 years you will create the income, business, life and lifestyle that you started your business to create.

Mark Dulaney