Step Two of

Make Possible What is NOW Impossible?

Here are some facts about selling situations and people who sell:

  1. Most presentation made by sales people are about the wrong topic because it is about them, their company and their products
  2. Most presentations do not end with the presenter asking for the business
  3. 40 percent of all sales are never closed, they just kind of linger often for years

Most people who sell:

  1. Take rejection personally, which keeps them from asking for what they want
  2. Believe people buy for logical and then emotional reason so that is what they present
  3. Are afraid of and avoid talking about money, so they are willing to compete based on the lowest price possible
  4. Believe the buyer is in control and always right, so they refuse to lead or challenge their buyers during the sales process
  5. Believe they must be subservient to the buyer so they shrink when challenged by the buyer
  6. Believe they must get the buyer to like them if they are going to make the sell so instead of being a leader they become a “but kisser” and instead of closing they become a “feeler outer”

As you can imagine, a “butt kisser”, a “feeler outer”, a person who shrinks, a person who refuses to lead, someone willing to lower his or her price, a person who is scared to ask for the money and a person presenting the wrong information is not going to close a lot of deals.

That’s why so many business owner and sales professionals aren’t making the kind of money they should be making.

Most business owners and first-time sellers are phenomenal at making and delivering their products and services.  The problem is, they are equally terrible at selling them.  The only question is, will they run out of money before they figure out how to sell.

That is why step two of this process is …

Converting Those Appointments inTo Profitable Clients In Just One Meeting

6 steps to charging more, shortening your sales cycle
and closing more deals

I have met total strangers who were my absolute opposite, but I still scheduled an appointment, closed them to a four-figure monthly package at that meeting and it became real when they made their first payment at the first meeting without a price objection.

In step two, you will learn how to lead the prospect instead of selling to them.  When this happens, you won't have to compete on price, be hesitant to ask for their business or get them to like you.

Specifically, in step two you will learn how to:

  1. Separate yourself from everyone else who does what you do
  2. Sell to the survival instinct of the person you are meeting with
  3. Talk less while leading and persuading more
  4. Create a profitable product offering that makes you money and gets your clients better results
  5. Ask for and get the full value you provide without price objections

We are only through step two and you have learned two strategies that show you how to walk into the right room and convert the right Strangers inTo Profitable Clients.  Does that mean you can and will execute the strategies to get the results you want?

In step one, you learned how to create leads and appointments

In Step two, you learned to convert those appointments into profitable clients

Now it is time to take our ability to create profitable clients to a whole another level and that is what we will learn how to do in step three.

Here is my promise to you:

If you fully participate in all six steps, in 36 to 48 weeks, you, your income, your business and your life will be unrecognizable to you, your clients, your family and your marketplace.

If you continue to follow the processes you learn, in 3 years you will create the income, business, life and lifestyle that you started your business to create.

Mark Dulaney