Step One of

Make Possible What is NOW Impossible?

I have attended over 75 networking and social events over the last 18 months.  At those events, I asked at least 150 people to meet with me, scheduled about 60 appointments, and made about 38 sales totaling approximately $20,000 in sales.  This does not include continuing income from previous clients, the future expected income from current clients or income from other sources.

That is a significant return on investment considering that I invested an average of $10 and three hours per event I attended. What is even better is that in most cases I received a meal and in many cased I received free beer or wine.

In all those events, do you want to know how many people actively tried to sell me something? May be 10 hinted at something, but only three asked for a meeting to continue!  Yep three!

It feels as if there are 10 financial planners at every networking event I attend.  I have sold to five financial planners, yet only four financial planners have ever asked me to meet to start the process of selling to me.

The fact is, while it seems that there may be 10 of us who network to find business, the masses to simply network to collect business cards.

That is why step one of Making Possible What is NOW Impossible is to start

Networking for Business
Instead of Business Cards


How to Schedule Appointments Instead of Collecting Business Cards

In step one, you will learn how to walk into any room full of strangers, identify the right strangers, get their attention and create enough interest that they will want to meet with you to see how you can help them.

You will also learn how to use social media as a prospecting tool, not to get gratifying but worthless likes and shares; but to get appointments.

In step one you will learn:

  1. The real purpose of and your absolute must goal for networking events and business conversations
  2. How to identify who to start a conversation with
  3. How to know when you are in the wrong conversation with the wrong person
  4. How to tell people what you do so they want to hear the details instead of trying to filibuster them into submission
  5. How to turn that attention into interest so the want to meet with you
  6. The one thing you must be willing to do that almost no one else will ever do
  7. How to follow-up after a networking event if you don’t get an appointment

Once you know how to meet strangers in person and get them to want to meet with you, you can do it online, in an email, on your website and just about everywhere else.

When step one is over, you will be able to convert strangers into appointments and that means we are ready for step two.

Now that we have an appointment, it is time to convert that appointment into a paying and profitable client that hangs on our every word.

Here is my promise to you:

If you fully participate in all six steps, in 36 to 48 weeks, you, your income, your business and your life will be unrecognizable to you, your clients, your family and your marketplace.

If you continue to follow the processes you learn, in 3 years you will create the income, business, life and lifestyle that you started your business to create.

Mark Dulaney