This video explains what Strangers inTo Clients is all about!

The Ability to Convert

Means  YOU wake up knowing YOU can make money on demand!

About Strangers inTo Clients

I created Strangers inTo Clients to help business owners, sales professionals, entrepreneurs and those who lead people who sell and market in two ways:

First, I guarantee that in 30 days your personal performance will dramatically improve, as measured by what you do, what you say, how many you approach, the quality of who you approach, the boldness of your approach, your productive use of time, your consistent action and / or the effectiveness of everything you do or you can cancel and get your money back.

Then, I guarantee that in 60 to 90 days you will see measurably improved financial results, as measured by your income, marketing cost saving and / or profits or you can cancel and get this portion of your money back.

We can make such a guarantee because we are uniquely qualified to teach and help our clients in these five very specific ways:

  1. First, we help them to be positively different or as we call it “Counter Cultural” because no one ever did anything special by doing what everyone else is doing.
  2. Second, we help them to become fully capable of Converting the Right Strangers inTo Profitable Clients in the Quickest, Simplest, Easiest and Least Expensive manner.
  3. Third, we share with those who want to know what the top 5% know that they don’t know, what the top 5% does that they don’t and the top 5% does better than their competition.
  4. Fourth, we teach our clients how to create product offerings that are better for the company and better for their clients.
  5. Finally and most importantly- we are the only marketing company that specializes in what we call "Capability Training" where we increase the mental, physical, emotional and technical capabilities so our clients boldly, consistently and effectively execute the both the plans they knew before and the above strategies we teach them.
    We do this because what good are the greatest new skills, strategies and techniques if you don't consistently use them?

When our clients:

  1. Become Counter Cultural, they stand out from the crowd and get positive attention
  2. Convert Strangers inTo Clients they get clients and generate income on demand
  3. Learn and do what the best know and do, and when they do it better than their competition they win more deals and get better higher paying clients
  4. Develop better product offerings than their competition they command premium pricing, increase their profitability, become more time efficient and (most importantly) they better serve their clients
  5. Become bold, consistent and effective at all elements of business, sales and marketing they improve their performance and then their financial results

What would it mean to your income, business and life if you improved in these five ways? Answer, you will grow faster than your competition and you will build a stable, sustainable and scaleable company or career.

That is our comprehensive game plan to help you build the business you truly want to own, a business that allows you to create the life and lifestyle you started your business to create.

That is how Strangers inTo Clients will help you improve
your personal performance in 30 days and
your company's financial results in 60 to 90 days!