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Video montage will start shortly, full individual testimonials below

This is the page where a lot of really good people say a lot of really good things about me and how I have helped them solve the four biggest problems that prevent individuals and teams from becoming "GREAT!"

As you listen, see if you can hear how I helped each individual solve one or more of these four specific problems that prevented them from becoming as good as they are capable of becoming:

  1. Improved use of time
  2. Being as good at marketing as they are at their product / service
  3. Turning their personal weaknesses into strength
  4. The consistent ability to actually do what they each set out and intend to do

Also, notice the diversity of the personalities, companies, and industries I am honored to work with.

Yes, it makes me proud that these people feel that way about me.

Myneco Ramirez

MBR Concepts

Event Strategist

Jeff Hetrick

Consortium Rx

Pharmacy & Medications

Jeff Green

Paris Kerwin & Associates

Propert & Casualty Insurance

Arnis Sprancmanis


Elder Law & Estate Planning

Mike Volo

Software Data Solutions

Database & Applications

Zack Grove

Marketing Solutions

Social Media Marketing

Beth Hilbert

Sendout Cards

Relationship Marketing

Greg Dixon

Excellent Air
Heating & Cooling

Heating and Air Conditioning

This is a compilation video of testimonials from former clients.  The beautiful thing about truly teaching individuals and then helping them become great, is that they stop needing you as they can be great without you.

Here is my promise to you:

If you shift your focus from information and motivation to your personal performance and financial results, you are going to be amazed at just how much you are capable of accomplishing and you are going to wonder why you didn’t decide to do this sooner!

Mark Dulaney