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This short video really gets to the heart of what makes this program different and what makes Mark and his services different.

So, if the name of this program doesn’t tell you whether this is for you, this video and the text below it will.

Overview and why this program is different!

In this 88-day virtual program, you will “Do The Fucking Work” (D. T. F. W. for short) required for you to “Make More Fucking Sales” (M. M. F. S. for short), obtain more profitable clients, make more money and build the Sales and marketing infrastructure that will create the Life you started your business or sales career to create.

It is a fact that most training programs focus on teaching you what to do during the program, then sends you out to figure out how to do it on your own in the real world.  This is why most people never implement what the learn in most training programs!

In this program the focus in on you and what you must do to “Make More Fucking Sales!”  To make that happen your fellow participants, my team and I will teach, encourage, hold you accountable and support you for 88 days while you do two very important things: 

1- “Do The Fucking Work” that makes you more sales and money during the 88 days of the program 

2- Build the infrastructure during the 88 days of the program that will continue to pay you long after the program is over 

This will make this the 88 most productive days of your life.

 Another difference is that this program is not about me and my information.

Instead it is 100% about YOU and getting you to become a person who “Does The Fucking Work” required for you to “Make More Fucking Sales” and make those sales better and faster than your competition can and will do it.

Also, there has never been a more clearly named and truth in marketing program as is “Do The Fucking Work” to “Make More Fucking Sales!”

Finally, this is not a fun and easy program where all you have to do is show up and watch and listen. 


You Must Do The Fucking Work!

This is an intense program where you MUST (and I emphasize YOU MUST) Do The Fucking Work of the program to advance through the stages of this program and get the promised benefits of the program.

Just to clarify, “The Fucking Work” of the program is YOU getting up every day and selling yourself and your products / services and YOU building the infrastructure that will continue to make sales long after this program is over.

When this program is over

You will NOT use terms like: “I really enjoyed the program”, “I laughed and I cried” (although you may cry because of the work you will do), “The information was really great”, I loved the instructor and how funny he was”

Instead you will tell others about the work you did, how you were challenged at every stage, how you learned a lot about yourself, how much more money you made because you consistently marketed yourself, how much you respect the instructor because he got you to do things you didn’t know you could do, how much better prepared you are for the future and you will tell of the sales and marketing asset you built that continue to generate sales long after the program was over.

This happens because our goal is to help you…

"Get Better" Not More Informed!

This program focuses on helping you “Get Better” in three ways as follows:

1- 40% of our time and energy will be spent on getting you to sell and market better, bolder, more consistently and more effectively by:

A- Forcing you to take actions beyond your comfort zone so you spend 88 days of bold, consistent and effective selling and marketing

B- Holding you accountable for “Doing The Fucking Work” so you “Make More Fucking Sales” and overcome all of your fears, doubts and hesitations

C- Providing a marketing formula and a systematic structure for growth that takes the “Art” out of selling and makes it a science

D- Getting you to measure your activities to see what works, what doesn’t and why

2- 40% of our time and energy will be spent on transforming you into the B. B. B. M.F. in your space so you:

A- Think Bigger and create specific and systematic plans for how you will

B- Act Bolder and take bigger actions that produce bigger results and have a strategy to

C- Get Better in every areas of sales, marketing business and life (finances, health and fitness, relationships and purposeful living).  To make this happen you will also

D- Stop Caring about what others think about you and what you do; which is often our biggest obstacle to our doing what will make us successful

3- 20% of our time and energy will be spent on helping you create the complete, balanced and successful life you started your business to create, by getting you to “Do The Fucking Work” to:

A- Use your present and future higher income to create wealth

B- Improve the health, energy, fitness, size, shape and sexiness of your body

C- Become more lovable so the Important relationships become more loving

D- Live your life based on your God given purpose

But, Never Forget, This Is …

Not Just Learning; But DOING!

Here is specifically what you will do during the months of February, March and April:

1- Focus on Selling and Marketing your products and service

2- Build the elements of your very own “Client Factory” that will produce clients on demand in May, June, July, 2020, 2021 and beyond

3- Identify, Explain and Eliminate your specific fears, doubt, self-imposed limitation, hesitations and destructive beliefs that are the real reasons you are not already “Doing The Fucking Work” to “Make More Fucking Sales”

4- Build a sales, marketing and / or business infrastructure that will allow you to scale and sustain your success long after this program is over

5- Develop your personal and professional capabilities so you can grow and expand far beyond your current personal and professional levels of success


Yes; to do this you MUST learn; that is why…

What You Do Learn Will Be Significant

Here is specifically what you will “Learn” during the program to help you “Do” the above:

1- A marketing formula to take the “Art” out of marketing so you know what to expect and how to improve it

2- Six very specific and colorful rules that you will hear yourself saying whenever you are about to violate one of them

3- The difference between capabilities and strategies and how to build capabilities

4- Something we call “The Eight To Be Great Lifestyle” that will help you create a balanced successful life

5- The final element and perhaps the secret weapon of this program is that you will learn a step-by-step process we developed called “The Twelves” that will allow you make possible what seems impossible today! This process will show you what to do every day to grow your capabilities so you are able to build the career or company that you imagined you could.


Now it is time for…

The Details and Specifics

Pricing good today through Monday, April, 1st at noon:

One Payment of $ 4 0 8 . 8 8


Three Payments of $ 1 5 8 . 8 8


The Run Up to the start- Week of Monday, April 15, 2019

Start date- Monday, April 22, 2019

End date- Friday, July 19, 2019

Final Thoughts:

There are three paths you can choose as you go through life.

The first is to go it alone, to figure things out on your own and to struggle alone.  This is hard, lonely and why so many people fail at selling and in business.

The second is to follow “The Many” and traditional practices.  This means you focus on things outside of yourself, you learn “proven” strategies, you seek motivation and you follow the generally accepted common practices for sales, marketing, business and life.

The third is to find a support system that will do it with you.  I created Strangers Into Clients to support you in selling, marketing, business and in life.  I realize that the promises I make sound corny and too good to be true.  But that only because it is different from what all the other “Paid Advisors” sell, market and promote.

That is why I am for the FEW and not the MANY.

Instead of going it alone or doing what everyone else does, let me and your fellow participants take this long and perilous journey with you.  It may be lonely at the top, but it doesn’t have to be a lonely journey to the top.

Hurry and register before …

The Price Goes Up On April Fool's day at noon

On Monday, April 1, 2019 at noon the price of this program will raise to:

One Payment of $ 6 0 8 . 8 8


Three Payments of $ 2 3 8 . 8 8
(First payment today, second payment in 30 day and final payments in 60 days)

Now it is time for you to…

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Join us for the 88 Boldest, Most Productive, Consistent, Efficient and Effective selling and Marketing days of your life where you “Do The Fucking Work” so You “Make More Fucking Sales”, Build “Your Client Factory” and create a “Balanced Successful Life!”

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Join us for the 88 Boldest, Most Productive, Consistent, Efficient and Effective selling and Marketing days of your life where you “Do The Fucking Work” so You “Make More Fucking Sales”, Build “Your Client Factory” and create a “Balanced Successful Life!”

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