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Check out this article, it explains why the Most Popular Sales & Marketing Strategies Almost Always Fail You!

Has this ever happened to you?

You are an ambitious and hard-working business owner sitting through a phenomenal sales / marketing / business workshop.  As you sit there listening and considering the possibilities, you believe the strategies you just learned will grow your income and businesses to the next level. You can visualize the success that will come your way.

But, three weeks, three months, three years later, after countless other strategy sessions, seminars, books, consultants, coaches and information from all sorts of experts, there is no more success, no real growth and perhaps your business is on some form of life support.

Hello, my name is Mark Dulaney and I’ve seen, heard or read the above story play out over thousands of times in the lives of some of the most talented business owners.

I have spent over 33 years researching the world’s most successful companies and top income earners. Based on this research, I can prove that all strategies, no matter how well they worked for others, are unlikely to work for you.

That is because, strategies alone never create success!

A sales and marketing strategy is nothing more than a sequential series of thoughts, steps, choices, words, actions and questions designed to get people to buy your products and services from you.  Strategies, especially sales and marketing strategies, are always subject to:

  1. Who’s executing the strategy
  2. Timing
  3. The market
  4. The boldness, consistency and effectiveness of the execution
  5. Most importantly, how often your buying public have seen the strategy

Think of it this way, you, LeBron James and I play basketball with the exact same workout, practice and game strategies, who is going to get the best results. No matter how hard we try, you and I can't beat LeBron in basketball because of his height, strength, age (for most of us) and a lifetime of basketball experience.

Often the person in front of the room teaching the marketing strategy is the equivalent of a LeBron James of sales and marketing, especially if it is a big room.

Below are two facts about today’s most popular marketing concepts, including content marketing, email marketing, social media, newsletters, relationship marketing, etc.:

  1. If a thousand people each learned the same strategy and used it to the best of their abilities, they would each get different results.
  2. The more often a strategy is used and the more familiar the market becomes with the strategy, the less effective that strategy becomes.

Wouldn’t you agree that a 10-year-old familiar strategy is impossible to work as well for you if you started using it today as it worked for those who introduced and used it years ago?

But, for those who used that strategy successfully years ago, it has become a great source of income as they teach thousands of today's marketers how to use that strategy today.

So, Mark, if strategies aren’t the answer, what is?

CAPABILITIES = your willingness and ability to accomplish a goal!

Your capabilities are a combination of the right mindsets and the right skills combined with your ability to boldly, consistently and effectively execute the right thoughts, steps, choices, words, actions and questions for your product, your market, your situation, in today’s environment and be able to do it until you get the specific results you want.

For most, this difference may seem like semantics. But, how many times have you sat in a workshop and felt you learned a great strategy, tried to use that strategy to duplicate the results of your trainer, only to fail miserably?

Look at it this way, a strategy nothing more than a plan to get a result while a capability is your personal willingness and ability to get results during present market conditions.

While strategies make you more informed,

Here is another example of what I mean.

Almost all internet and social media marketing strategies worked in 2007, mostly because there were very few marketers using them and most consumers had never experienced those strategies before.

Those same strategies can't possibly work as well today when tens of thousands of internet marketers are using them and millions of us consumers are getting the same offers and emails over and over and over again.

Yet, these strategies are still being taught
as if they are still as effective as ever!

That is why at Strangers inTo Clients, we don’t focus on strategies; we help our clients become capable of accomplishing their sales, marketing, business and lifestyle goals.

Our focus is on helping you, starting from where you are today, develop the specific thoughts, choices, skills, words, actions, and question that market your specific products to your specific market based on the market conditions that apply today.

After studying today’s fastest growing companies, I have identified eight specific capabilities that are present in all successful companies and in all successful individual marketers.  It is these eight capabilities that define and provide the mindsets, skills, strategies and most importantly your ability to execute.

To help you understand the difference between

“Sales and Marketing Strategy”
and the
“Capability to Sell and Market”

we created a webinar that will expose you to the eight specific capabilities that are used by the world’s most successful companies and provide examples from companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple.

We specifically created this webinar to help you accomplish three goals I know you have.  Those goals are:

  1. To improve your (and your team’s) personal sales and marketing performance
  2. To increase your income immediately
  3. To build the infrastructure that will grow the company that will create the life you started your business to create

In this webinar, you will learn a dramatically different approach to improving your sales and marketing performance and growing your income.

This live event will help you become capable of doing more than you can do today.

So instead of teaching you the strategies that John Smith millionaire marketer used in 2009 to make his millions, in this webinar you are going to learn the eight capabilities that (insert your name) needs to become a millionaire marketer in 2018 and beyond.

That is why

Presents the FREE Webinar

The 8 Capabilities Missing From Your Business

Where you will learn 8 Reasons Why
Most Popular Sales & Marketing Strategies
Will NEVER Work for Your Business!

In this webinar you will learn:

  1. The eight capabilities used by today’s most successful and fastest growing companies, including Google, Amazon, Apple and others
  2. Examples of how companies like Walmart, Yahoo, Adidas, My Space and Microsoft failed to use these capabilities and were or are being caught and passed by the companies that are using them
  3. Why strategies fail you and your company, despite how well they work for others
  4. The differences between knowing a strategy, having a skill and the desire to accomplish a goal and having the capability to accomplish a goal
  5. The fallacy of most strategies that are taught by great marketers
  6. The specific reasons it is so hard for most marketers to execute the strategies they learn from great marketers

Below is a registration button. Depending on when you register, there are several webinar dates and times.  If none of them work for you, register for the nearest date and time.

In a few hours after that webinar, you will receive a replay link and you can watch the replay at your earliest convenience.

Here is my promise to you:

Once you learn these eight missing capabilities, you are going to be amazed at just how much you are capable of accomplishing and you are going to wish you had learned them sooner!

Mark Dulaney