How Do You Want To "Get Better" in 2019?

 What Do You Want or How Do You Want To “Get Better” in 2019 and beyond?

 It is that time of the year again, the time we think about how we want to be better next year.  In the past we called them resolutions; but after generations of Americans succeeding at their resolutions a rate of about 20%, most people call them something else today.

But what if your resolution success rate could rise to 80%. 

See below  and I will tell you The-One-Thing that YOU must do!

Poor Performance and Results?

What if I blamed you for it?

While most trainers and consultants speak of secret formulas as solutions to struggle and politicians place blame on others for your struggles, if you are not happy with your performance, results or the life you have created, it is and has to be your fault.

Let’s talk and I will explain why it is and has to be your fault, why I am the only one who will tell you this and why it is better for YOU that it is your fault.

Do you have 18 minutes?

Want to learn more about any of these topics?

Let’s talk and see how these topics can help you improve your performance and results.

In this phone conversation, you will learn at least one tip that will help you grow to the next level of performance and results.

Instead of writing about me, I want to learn about you!


Almost everyone wants the Confidence and Boldness to Make the Tough Choices, Take the Bold Actions, Say the Uncomfortable Words and Ask the Tough Questions that create:

  1. Financial Success
  2. Professional Success
  3. Family and Relationship Success
  4. A Healthy, Strong, Energetic and Sexy Body

I would really like to know how you define success in each of the above areas?


“The Many” pursue information in the form of strategies, motivation in the form of great stories and technology to do the work for them. 

The reality there is only one required element that creates all success.  It is an individual or team’s ability, unwillingness to do the hard, scary, uncomfortable and sometimes unknown work required to get results.  This is the work I call “The Fucking Work!”

Your true and lasting success depends on your readiness, willingness and ability to “Do The Fucking Work” required to create the life you want to live!

I am proudly “FOR THE FEW” because they are willing to accept or consider that they are the primary obstacle to their success, while “The Many” seek to blame others, make excuses for, justify or settle for their results.


If you are one of “The Few”, I want to help you:

  1. Think the constructive thoughts that create boldness and creativity
  2. Make the tough choices that points your life in the right direction
  3. Take the bold actions that turn and move your life in the right direction
  4. Say the uncomfortable words
  5. Ask the right questions

that will create the results and the life you truly want to live!

Unlike most paid advisors, I speak freely and honestly to identify “The Few” I know I can help, instead of selling to everyone while knowing I will ONLY help a small percentage.


If you are one of “THE FEW” who is willing to consider that you are your biggest obstacle to success and you want to become your biggest asset to creating success, then I would love to have an 18-minute phone conversation with you.

Just click the link below to schedule a call to talk about how you can “Do The Fucking Work” that will create the income, career or business, bank account, body, key relationships and the life you want!

Let’s talk today

How Do YOU Want to “Get Better” In 2019?

Boldness & Confidence

In the free lesson, I suggest you stop caring about what others think about what you do. The primary reason so many people hesitate or take weak actions is because they lack the confidence to stand up for what they believe, what they do, what they are trying to accomplish and then they care too much about what it will mean of they fail.

If you are willing to admit you lack the confidence to do the scary, hard and uncomfortable work required to create the results and life you want, can I suggest you consider the 68-day virtual program I created and gave the descriptive and honest name “Do The Fucking Work!”

In the first two weeks of this program, you will identify, explain and know how to eliminate the real reasons you lack confidence.

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Make More Fucking Sales

Whether you are an employed, independent, salaried or commissioned sales professional, independent contractor, professional service provider or traditional business owner, if you want to make more money, we can help you “Make More Fucking Sales.”

We can get you to “Do The Fucking Work” of preparation and build a “Client Factory” and then “Do The Fucking Work” of selling and marketing.

When this happens, if your primary role is not selling, can I suggest you consider the

“Do The Fucking Work”
88-day virtual program

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A Better Body

It is hard to have confidence when you hate the way you look, lack the energy and lack the ability to fix the something about yourself that you hate.

Society believes that all weight problems are caused by a lack of discipline and self control.  But, I know there are often

“Invisible Problems”

that a large number of people who struggle with their weight are impacted by.

If you know in your heart that your struggles are more than a lack of discipline and self control, let’s talk and I will help you understand what “Invisible Problems” may be impacting your performance in all areas of life.

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