The ability to Convert

Better and Faster than Your Competition

is the ultimate competitive advantage!

Hello, my name is Mark Dulaney and I founded Strangers inTo Clients for one specific purpose; to help businesses convert the right Strangers inTo Profitable Clients and to help them do it better and faster than their competition.

If you are serious about growing your income, I invite you to read the questions and answers below to learn who we help, how we help and if we are the right fit to help you.

How Can We Help You? 

We will help you and / or the "non-sales" members of your team become fully capable of walking into the right room and Convert the Right Strangers inTo Profitable Clients better and faster than your competition can do it!

The Three Problems We Help You Solve are:

  1. Poor sales and marketing performance as measured by activity and closed sales!
    Thus, we will improve your personal and the entire organization’s sales and marketing performance
  2. Too little income, little profitability per sale and poor overall financial results!  
    Thus, we will help you generate more sales often at higher and more profitable price points- IMMEDIATELY
  3. No plan or structure for significant growth in the future!
    Thus, we will help you create the plan, lay the foundation and build the infrastructure that will create the company you truly want to own- the company you can sell for millions more than it is worth today.

The true impact of your ability to Convert Strangers inTo Profitable Clients?

When you can convert Strangers inTo Profitable Clients in person, you can do it on line, on your website, through social media, in email, through a webinar, on the phone and in all other forms of advertising.

What’s should scare the HELL out of you is that if you don’t know how to convert in person, you will spend lots of time and lots of money figuring out how to do it through those other forms of marketing.

What is even scarier is that there are many "marketing consultants" who will sell you a solution that they know has a 50 / 50 chance of success or they know can take up to a year before producing results.

Why Strangers?

We specialize in helping you convert strangers for three specific reasons:

  1. Strangers are the biggest single population of people in your niche. No matter how popular or well known you are, there are still ten times the number of total strangers
  2. Strangers only know what you present, they have no preconceived notions about you, what you do or how well you do it.
  3. Often the people you know are more concerned about their image than solving their problems which often causes them to keep up their façade and not use you. This never happens with strangers.

Who We Work Best With?

We have worked with over 200 different businesses in all industries, stages of development and size.

The reality of the individuals and small businesses that we have worked best with is that the owner is great at creating and delivering their products and services.  Sadly, as good as they are at creating and delivering, they are equally as bad at promoting, marketing and selling those products and services.

The larger organizations we work with want to grow their client base by teaching their non-sales employees how to promote, market, engage potential clients in a conversation about, and sell the company's products and services.

So far in 2018 alone, we have or are helping an OB/GYN medical practice, insurance agent, a physical therapy company, a real estate investment service, an attorney, a travel agent, a financial planner, a software developer, a physical therapy company, a fitness center, a beauty consultant, a senior living consultant, an international landscape architecture enterprise and others.

How We Do It?

We use a four-step process to help you grow significantly:

  1. We help you to Convert Strangers inTo Appointments
  2. We help you Convert those Appointments inTo Profitable Clients. This includes learning how to create profitable product offering and how to present and close on providing more value than you charge for your services
  3. We help you become capable of going out and converting Strangers inTo Profitable Clients better and faster than your competition. The fact is just because you learn how to do something, doesn’t mean you can go out and do it
  4. We help you create Planned Expansion every 12 weeks. Then, we help you create “Compound Expansion” so that in 36 to 48 weeks you and your company are recognizable to where you are today

It is through this process that we can
“Make Possible What is NOW ImPossible!”

Why We Believe We Can Help You?

We have a 90% success rate at helping our clients increase their income.  Here are two recent and one current example:

We helped a start-up and part-time landscape architect multiply his invoicing by ten in just 5 months from $1,500 to $15,000 per month.  He also became a full-time business owner, he grew to become an international company and now I am working with one of his employees to grow the company to another level.

We also helped an established pharmacy grow a single product by an estimated $1,000,000 in sales.

We are in the process of helping a multi-location professional service provider teach their service providers and support staff of over 100 how to better promote, market and sell their services.

Why Strangers inTo Clients?

We never provide sales and marketing advice.  We don’t teach sales and marketing techniques or strategies.  We don’t focus on sales and marketing skills.  That is because these alone don’t work.  Want proof they don’t work, consider all the sales and marketing skills, strategies, techniques and advice you have received.  Have they really helped you sell to the level you want to sell at?

Instead, our focus in on providing a comprehensive sales and marketing education.  Yes, this includes the strategies, skills and techniques that work; but it also includes the demonstrated capability to execute the strategies, skills and techniques you just learned.  

To do this we provide hands on support, accountability and we are there to push you out of your comfort zone as you demonstrate your ability to execute at higher and higher levels to create higher and higher levels of success.

Can We Help You?

We don’t know, are you willing to invest 15 minutes to talk about it?  In 15 minutes we will both know if we are the right fit to work together

What’s Next?

Let's talk, click this link to schedule a 15-minute telephone call.  After that, we will both know if further talks are necessary!

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The ability to convert strangers inTo profitable clients was how we helped the two clients below to get results in a very short time.  Take a look and see how we helped a multi location business and a start up solo-enterprise.

This is the video of the established multi location small business!

This is the video of a start-up lead by a sole-entrepreneur!

Here is my promise to you:

If you shift your focus from information and motivation to your personal performance and financial results, you are going to be amazed at just how much you are capable of accomplishing and you are going to wonder why you didn’t decide to do this sooner!

Mark Dulaney