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Hello & Welcome

to my life’s work!

My Name is
Mark A. Dulaney
And I am Proudly
“For The FEW; Not The Many!”

I hope you can immediately see, I am not your typical Sales & Marketing Trainer, Business Consultant, Life Coach, or Personal Development Guru.

It is clear that I believe in myself; but I want you to know that I also believe in and I want you to believe in YOU!

If you Sell & Market to generate income I want to get you to do four things.  I specifically want to help you to:

1- My ultimate goal is to get you to Make Possible the Income, Physical Body, Bank Account, Relationships and the Life that seems Impossible to you today!  To do that I will first help you to …

2- “Make More Fucking Sales” by getting you to “Do The Fucking Work” required to Convert the Right Strangers into Profitable Clients

 3- “Make Those Fucking Sales” Better & Faster than your Competition can and will ever do it

 4- Create the balanced and successful life you started selling and marketing to create

Everything I do and say, from the images, marketing text and videos on this website to (hopefully) working with you, I do purposefully to get you to accomplish those four objectives.

If that is what you are looking for in a “Paid Advisor”, you are indeed one of what I call “The Few” and you are definitely in the right place!

“The Road to true and total freedom is simply that you
become a person who ‘Does The Fucking Work’ every day!”

In this video, I will explain:
  1. Why your income, success and freedom depends on your ability to “Do The Fucking Work!”
  2. Why I am proudly “For the Few; Not the Many”
  3. The problem with traditional sales, marketing, training & personal development practices
  4. The root cause of struggle, failure and suffering

“Before you hire what I am going to call a “Paid Advisor”, you should answer this question;

What do you want from a “paid Advisor?”

In this video, I will:
  1. How the right “Paid Advisor” will help you avoid FAILURE!
  2. Change the way you see the sales and marketing training industry and the entire personal development industry
  3. Separate all “paid Advisors” into four primary services
  4. Explain what each service provides
  5. Help you answer the question of “What you really want from a “Paid Advisor!”

I work with two types of amazing clients:

Individuals Who
Sell & Market to
Generate Income

I combine military style boot camp techniques with real, raw and adult language to force individual who sell and market to identify, explain and eliminate your bullshit stories and excuses.

If this were to happen to you, your expectations are transformed, you prepare like you never have before and you become capable of Boldly, consistently and effectively

“Doing The Fucking Work”
So YOU Will
“Make More Fucking Sales!”

You will also relentlessly pursue and create the income, business, body, bank account and life you say you want to live.

If you are an individual who can handle direct, real, raw and adult fucking language, click the link below to schedule an 18-minute call to learn if and how I am the right “Paid Advisor” for you.

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Leaders of
Organizations Who
Sell & Market

I work with and for frustrated leaders who want the people they lead to improve their performance and results. 

I combine military style boot camp techniques and the appropriate and acceptable language for your organization to  force your team to identify, explain and eliminate the bull shit stories and excuses that create mediocre results.

When this happens, they will transform their expectations, know how to prepare themselves for and become capable of Boldly and Consistently

“Doing The Fucking Work”
so they
“Make More Fucking Sales”

If you are a leader and your team prefers a real, direct and effective “Paid Advisor”, click the link below to learn if and how I might be able to help you help the individuals on your team.

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I offer two Definitively and Accurately named services:

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Your Client Factory

If you engage me, a major part of “Doing The Fucking Work” is getting you to build what I call a “Client Factory!”

A “Client Factory” will multiply the number of clients you obtain and the average dollar value of each client by as much as ten in half the time and with half the energy and effort that it took to get your present clients.

A “Client Factory” is a system that defines the most effective Thoughts, Choices, Actions, Words, and Questions that will convert the Right Strangers Into Profitable Clients.

Building Your Client Factory is an important element that requires you to “Do The Fucking Work” in order to “Make More Fucking Sales!”

If you are an individual owner or the leader of an organization that needs to improve your sales and marketing results, click here to schedule an 18-minute call.

During our conversation, you will learn if and how building a Client Factory will help you convert strangers into clients better and faster than your conversation and how that will create the life you truly want to live.

Let’s talk today

Do The Fucking Work

There are two realities of sales, business and life that you can’t deny.

The first is that there has never been an individual or organization that created success without someone “Doing The Fucking Work” required to create it.

The second is that is you honestly analyze your struggles and failures, they exist because you were unable, unwilling, uncomfortable or just plain scared to “Do The Fucking Work” that was required to succeed. 

If you acknowledge these realities, why would you seek motivation, more information in the form of strategies or anything outside of yourself? 

If you acknowledge these realities, you must seek to become a person who boldly, consistently and effectively wakes up everyday and “Does The Fucking Work” that is required to create the result and life you want to live. 

If you can handle direct, real, raw and adult language from a person who will challenge you mentally and physically, click here to schedule an 18-minute phone call to learn if and how I can help you to “Do The Fucking Work” to create the life you want. 

Let’s Talk Today!

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